Tenhor Brand

Tenhor Brand

    For Love, I Will:

    Witness and advocate the most enduring true love, the most unparalleled happiness;

    To achieve, adhere to the most solemn commitment, the most uncompromising pursuit.

   From this moment on, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, will you love him or her, comfort him or her, honor him or her, and protect him or her, always and forever?

  —— “ Yes”。

     This sacred vow from the Bible, the eternal promise of marriage and true love, is the birthright of Tenhor's brand. As a brand born of Love, an advocate of eternal true love, Tenhor's brand strength comes from the belief, witness, advocacy, commitment, realization, adhere to the oath of true love and love.

    The most enduring love-the love that has existed since the beginning of time, unhindered by space, withstands the test of history and suffering, and exists in everyone's heart. From the name to the connotation, from the product to the brand, Tenhor is telling-the eternal marriage of mankind, the eternal beauty. When Time Goes By, beauty no longer, that shining eternal bright diamond, all witness from the first until the But Always, never give up on love.

    The most incomparable happiness-as long as the heart of love, is the greatest happiness. Whether it's the moment of first meeting, or the moment of touching engagement, whether it's the eternal moment at a wedding, or a special anniversary many years later, whether it's the relaxed, lively, passionate love of young lovers... Or old people plain, simple, sincere love. ... Tenhor, for one million lovers around the world, to witness and remember every happy moment of love.

    The most solemn promise -- Tenhor not only made of platinum and diamond wedding ring, she is as precious as life and long commitment. Joy In Good Times and tears in bad times, share in poor times and share in rich times, happiness in sickness and health, is the ultimate life promise and share.

    The most uncompromising pursuit -- Tenhor, who pursues the ultimate, always integrates the spirit of pursuing happiness and love without compromise and giving up into the brand, with unremitting efforts to create bearing a lifetime commitment, and can be handed down for generations of classic products, brands, so that every moment of true love, every moment of happiness without leaving a trace of regret.

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