How to choose an Engagement ring?

What are Engagement Rings?

    As the latest news from Honest Jewelry Online, Tenhor Jewelry is your reliable choice. We are here to help you choose the stone that will give you the service, quality and professionalism of the engagement ring that will give you your identity, importance and basically all things, other, gemstone type gemstones.

What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize?

  Engagement rings have long symbolized marriage proposals, and our Instagram feed is full of these magical moments. You know those, right? In a state of excitement and slight nervousness, the proposer gets down on one knee. The meaning of an engagement ring speaks for itself: it is a clear and tangible symbol that you are loved and that the person giving the ring wants to formalize their relationship with you.

    While any ring can be considered an engagement ring, by far the most popular engagement ring is the diamond ring. Of course, when it comes to finding the perfect ring, it's hard to find the perfect one. There are no rules about engagement rings - including which finger the engagement ring is worn on. Traditionally, in Western culture, an engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand, like a wedding ring, as a clear and very obvious way to show that you are in love. However, some cultures wear the engagement ring on the right hand, as the left hand is considered unlucky. What do you think is right? No matter how you celebrate, we'll help you make it happen.

 The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

  Traditionally, an engagement ring is something given at the time of a marriage proposal, while a wedding ring is something that partners give each other at their wedding. It is also common for engagement rings to be more ornate than wedding rings. One of our best-selling combinations is a round diamond solitaire engagement ring paired with a pavé diamond wedding ring. On the other hand, we have a lot of clients who like to upend convention: some clients ditch the engagement ring altogether and choose a ring that suits them. Other couples add stacked rings to the end of their engagement ring. 

  If you are planning to exchange wedding rings, you might wonder where to wear your engagement ring on your wedding day? Many people temporarily shift their engagement ring to their right hand on the day of the ceremony for safekeeping.

How to Choose?

 style of the ring

Your can choose different styles according to the hand of their girlfriends style engagement ring. Some engagement rings are more refined

Thin, the ring is relatively small, more suitable for girls with small hands Wear; some engagement rings are luxurious in style and are more suitable for hand-shaped labels,Appropriate girls wear.

The styles of engagement rings includes plain rings and diamond rings, plain rings pay more attention to the design of the ring, with diamonds The ring is more about the quality of diamonds, the quality of diamonds is mainly Look at the 4Cs of diamonds, the 4Cs of diamonds are different, the price of engagement rings The grid will vary greatly. 

The material of the ring 

Common engagement rings are made of platinum and 18K gold,Platinum is beautiful in color, strong in ductility and unstable in nature Fade easily; Platinum rings are generally of high purity and will not be light It is easy to cause allergy; Platinum is known for its purity and rarity It is worth it to be the "king of love metals" and "precious metals" Selection. 18K gold has various colors, strong hardness and price comparison Platinum is also affordable.

Price of engagement ring 

Each person's budget is different, and the price of the selected engagement ring The case is also different. If you have a vegetarian ring, the price will be cheap Some, usually only a few thousand yuan to start; If it's a diamond ring The price ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands, like one carat Diamond rings usually cost tens of thousands of yuan, while the common ones cost 20 or 30 A diamond ring is much cheaper.

Diamond Choose

Diamond Weight and Size Chart


  GIA divides the color grade of diamonds into D-Z colors from high to low. D color is the best value. The closer a diamond is to D color, the more transparent the color. When choosing a diamond ring, you generally choose J color or above, that is, J-D , the color of this range looks colorless and transparent to the naked eye, and it is suitable to start. The color of K color gradually turns yellow at the beginning, and the naked eye can basically see it, so it is not recommended for everyone to buy K-Z color.


  The clarity of a diamond is mainly determined by reflecting the quantity, size, shape and color of impurities contained in the diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the higher the clarity, the more fire refraction, and the diamond brighter. It is worth mentioning that the clarity is observed under a tenfold magnifying glass. It is difficult for ordinary people to compare the clarity of two similar diamonds with the naked eye. There are 11 grades of clarity from high to low: FL→IF→VVS1→VVS2→VS1→VS2→SI1→SI2→I1→I2→I3.


Finding Your Ring Size

   We have some great tips and tools for how to measure your ring size. The first method explains how to figure out your ring size with our printable guide and a ring that you already own as a point of reference. The second option is the most accurate, but requires a little bit of patience as you'll need to order our free ring sizer.

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