• What Are Edison Pearls?

    What Are Edison Pearls?
    “There are two things which couldn’t be made at my laboratory — diamonds & pearls.”                                                                                                      —-...
  • What is Tahitian Pearl?

    What is Tahitian Pearl?
    About Tahitian pearls  Located in the South Pacific, Tahiti is the largest and most famous island in French Polynesia. It is in the same time zone as Hawaii and is a world-renowned pearl cultivation place.   Only 150,000 black pearls are produced in the world each year, while the French Polynesian island of Tahiti produces nearly 95% of the world's volume. In the depths of...
  • Akoya

    Akoya Pearl Guide When we daydream about a timeless string of pearls, Akoya pearls likely spring instantly to mind. These saltwater gems enchanted ancient cultures with their silvery white colour, spherical shape and resemblance to the moon. Today, their delicate symmetry and classic white shades make Akoya pearls a must-have for any serious jewellery collection. SHOP AKOYA PEARL JEWELLERY What Are Akoya Pearls? The...
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